Morphocycle 1 (extracts)

This is the first training session of the week and takes place approximately 48 hours after the last match. Knowing that a player usually needs about 72 hours to fully recover from a match, this training is done with the clear intention of continuing the recovery and allowing the team to go into the next few days in full training shape. The training will have different requirements depending on the players you need: Recovery for players who played between 70 and 90 minutes of the last match.

 For players who did not play more than 70 minutes in the last match, the training will be more physically and mentally demanding. The exercises have been planned to try to include both groups of players but with different tasks and effort rates. Note: The illustrations only show the work of one group. Of course, depending on the total number of players available, the same work will be done with several groups. For example, in a group of 18 outfield players, the 3 substitutes and the 5 players who did not play in the previous match will work in the same way but without discontinuity since they are permanently in the exercise. 

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