Methodological principles of PT

In order to pedagogically implement our model of play with tactical periodisation we will rely on several methodological principles that underpin the reality of this training method. 

Principle of specificity. 

Drills should always be designed so that our playing principles can be transferred directly to competitions. 

Principle of Propensities. 

Ensure that the specific player behaviours/actions we are targeting in a specific session or exercise appear more often than others. 

Principle of Complex Progression. 

Prioritise the principles of play that are most important to the intended pattern of play and increase the complexity of the practices when they are well integrated (e.g. reducing space, increasing opposition).

 Principle of Horizontal Alternation Specificity (stabilisation of performance)

 Maintain optimal performance levels by organising training content and loads around a structured and regular weekly pattern.

 Figure 21 Methodological principles and sub-principles 

These principles may contain sub-principles of application see Figure 21 The respect of these principles is fundamental because they interact in the game, creating their own dynamics. A style of play leads to the emergence of a specific dynamic as well as our principles of play and the respective interactions also cause the emergence of specific sub-dynamics. 

4 methodological principles of the tactical périodisation Specificity is not a methodological principle, but rather a categorical imperative. It is a necessity that I must seek in order to streamline things, to direct the process, to guide the direction of the process enterprise. (Frade, 2013) 

The supra-principle of Specificity implies to respect it at all moments of the process, i.e. to create contexts of propensity during the training sessions that refer to the matrix of the idea of the game, of the game to be developed with the footballers, without neglecting the way in which it happens. That is to say, I want to alert to the need to respect the methodological principles of Tactical Periodisation during the ongoing process. 

 In this sense, specificity is what guides the whole logic of the process, appearing not as a methodological principle, but rather as a categorical imperative, an obligation, a necessity. It allows us to transform circumstances into a context, that is, to give meaning, significance and coherence to what we have, what we practice and what emerges.

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